Benefits of weight training

benefits of weight training

Your guide to the many benefits of weight training

If you're looking to lose weight, reduce body fat, improve your body shape or improve performance and health, then the key to your success includes regular sessions of strength or weight training.

More and more men and women of all ages are weight training for faster, lasting results. With overwhelming scientific research evidence supporting the value of weight training, here’s just a few benefits you could enjoy from regular weight training sessions:

Benefits of weight training #1: increasing your metabolism

Weight training increases the body's metabolic rate, causing the body to burn more calories throughout the day.  Even better news, you will continue to burn those calories whilst you are sleeping!

Benefits of weight training #2: increasing and restoring bone density

Inactivity and ageing can lead to a decrease in bone density and brittleness. Studies have clearly proven that consistent strength training can increase your bone density and help to prevent Osteoporosis.

Benefits of weight training #3: increased lean muscle mass, strength, power and endurance

Everyone can benefit from being stronger. We can work harder, we can play more, we can workout longer, and we can feel more alive.

Benefits of weight training #4: injury prevention

A wide variety of sports-related or life-related injuries can be prevented by strengthening your muscles and joints.

Benefits of weight training #5: improved balance, flexibility, mobility and stability

Stronger and more resilient muscles improve our balance, which means more comfortable living and a lower risk of falls or accidents.

Benefits of weight training #6: decreased risk of coronary disease

Participation in a consistent weight training program has a wide variety of affiliated health benefits including reducing your cholesterol whilst lowering your blood pressure.

Benefits of weight training #7: supports rehabilitation and recovery

One of the best ways to heal many types of injury is to strengthen muscles surrounding the injured area. The stronger your muscles, the quicker they will heal.

Benefits of weight training #8: enhanced performance in sports or exercise

No matter what your favorite sport or physical activity, with the proper strength training program, your performance can unquestionably be improved, and in some cases, dramatically.

Benefits of weight training #9: aging gracefully

There is no greater reason to make strength training a constant part of your life, than to ensure you age gracefully. Physical activity keeps us alive and vibrant. Strength training ensures we are strong enough to participate in aerobic activities, outdoor recreation, and sports. Strong seniors fall down less. If they do fall down, their stronger bodies are more resilient, are injured less by the fall, and are able to heal quicker following an injury.

Benefits of weight training #10: looking better and looking great

As difficult and sometimes painful as weight training can feel, there is nothing more satisfying than the feeling you get after a good work-out. Stronger muscles and joints can have a dramatic impact on posture and leaner toned muscles tend to make everyone feel better about their appearance. This all leads to improved self-esteem and increased self-confidence.

Some common myths about weight training

  • Women who lift weights develop bulky muscles – FALSE

    Muscle growth is greatly dependent on the body’s genetics, the level of the male growth hormone, testosterone and the type of weight training programme. As men tend to have much higher levels of testosterone they are most likely to increase their muscle size. Most women can expect to enhance their muscle tone without bulk, achieving a firmer, trimmer, more shapely figure.

  • You can choose target areas to burn off fat – FALSE

    This fictional concept is also known as ‘spot reduction’. Many magazines are guilty of claiming to have exercise tips for losing fat off specific areas such as your thighs, tummy and hips. A good example is to do lots of sit-ups or crunches to burn fat from your stomach. This is false!
    The good news is, the right programme does promote fat burning from all over the body, so wherever you have the most to lose you can lose the most.
    It is the combination of regular resistance training, aerobic exercise and healthy eating habits that will result in the fastest fat loss.

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