Christmas health busters

Christmas health busters

Our top tips for a healthier Christmas

It’s that time of year. Office parties, family celebrations and boozy nights out with friends. Christmas is the time for many of us to be merry, but also one that fills many of us with dread. The dread being keeping those Christmas pounds from piling on. With all the treats and alcoholic beverages on offer it’s no wonder weight loss is one of first thoughts for many, following the second verse of Auld Lang Syne.

Well, fear not. Here are iBodz’s Christmas health busters to staying active and keeping those extra pounds at bay, during the festive season.  

Christmas health buster 1: watch your portions

When you go to a party, a reception, or meal out, try not to clear your plate!  Eat slowly (it takes the stomach approximately 20 minutes to decide that it’s full) and stop when you are full. By doing so, you’ll save yourself many calories. It’s all too easy to go overboard at the buffet table.  The odd sausage roll won’t kill you.  But do you really need six, along with two pork pies and a mini-burger?

Christmas health buster 2: hit the shops

We know that you might want to save money shopping online in the run up to Christmas, but shopping on the high street could keep off those extra calories. If you are constantly moving around and shopping, you’ll be getting exercise every time you’re out.  Walk (if it’s practical), instead of driving. Or park at the back of the car park, instead of in the closest spot you can get to the door. If you catch the bus, train or the tube, try getting off a stop before you need and walk the rest of the way.

Christmas health buster 3: buy something new

That’s right, while you’re out buying gifts for everyone else, treat yourself to something new: a pair of trainers. This may not have been at the top of your treat list, but your flashy new trainers will be crying out to be used.  Who knows, they may even motivate you to jog down to the gym.

Christmas health buster 4: buy an activity present

Looking for gift inspiration? How about buying an activity as a present? This could be anything from rock climbing to a trip to the museum or art gallery.  Not only will you have something you can both do together that you’ll enjoy, you will be get some exercise at the same time. Find your favourite activity now...

Christmas health buster 5: just a small one

Alcohol.  Probably one of the worst culprits for extra calories over Christmas. Alcohol has lots of calories – and empty ones (lacking in nutritional value) at that.  So watch what you’re drinking and try not to over-indulge.  At the very least drink one glass of water for every drink you have.  Not only will this help to keep you hydrated, the extra trips to the loo will keep you moving.

Christmas health buster 6: take-up yoga

Yoga or pilates will help to keep your stress level low and help you to avoid putting on the extra pounds. All that deep breathing will be good way to help you relax. Have a look at a selection of yoga equipment and yoga DVDs to get you started.

Christmas health buster 7: dance!

When all else fails, make sure you get dancing. You’ll have a blast and burn lots of calories.  Plus, after all the stress of shopping and preparation, dancing will be a great way to relax and let off some steam.

Christmas health buster 8: eat fruit or dark chocolate

If you’re craving something sweet, try eating a piece of fruit or some dark chocolate.  The fruit has fibre which your body will break down and use.  The dark chocolate has great anti-oxidants and will satisfy your sweet craving. Just make sure you don’t eat the entire bar in one go.  We suggest the Chocolate Trading Co offering a wide selection of dark chocolate.

Christmas health buster 9: drink more

No, not alcohol, water. Water is a natural and effective appetite suppressant. Around twenty minutes before you plan to eat, make sure you drink a medium sized glass of water. You’ll feel less hungry which means you’ll be less likely to overeat or eat the wrong things. 

Christmas health buster 10: eat before a party

If you eat before you go, then you won’t be hungry and start grazing at a party.  Far better to eat a balanced meal of protein and vegetables that will fill you up before you go, instead of filling up on cheese, crackers and those dreaded pork pies.

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