Dance yourself fit

health benefits of dancing

The health benefits of being a dance floor diva

We all want to be able to keep the extra pounds at bay over Christmas, but it can be hard work what with all of the fabulous buffets and tempting trifles on offer, not to mention the booze. So you may want to think about dancing it off.

Dancing is a great way to stay fit for people of all ages, shapes and sizes and it doesn’t involve a gym. It is one of the best workouts you can do for an all over aerobic workout that is not only great for the cardiovascular system but your waistline too.

Here are our ten good reasons to be the greatest dancer:

Strengthens your bones

Keeping the rhythm gives your legs and hips a workout without hurting your joints, which is far less stressful than a high impact exercise such as running. Dancing helps to strengthen and tone by forcing your muscles to resist against your own body weight.

Keeps you flexible

Most dancing requires you to use a full range of motion of several muscle groups. Dependant on whether you’re dancing to Beyoncé or Justin Timberlake, you’ll be cutting some serious shapes whilst bending and stretching your arms, legs and torso.

Keeps your heart healthy

Dancing pushes your heart rate up and improves circulation. Aim for at least 30 minutes of continuous dancing for optimal heart-healthy benefits – so make sure you give the DJ all your requests in advance.

Burns off calories

Dancing is a great way to aid weight loss. You may be surprised to learn that 30 minutes of disco dancing can burn up in the region of 200 calories. It sounds more appealing by the minute.

Improves your balance and posture

Most dancing requires good co-ordination and the ability to balance. This, in turn, helps to strengthen your core and make you less prone to falls. Although, perhaps not after ten rounds of drinks.

Builds up your endurance

With practice, you will be able to work your dancing muscles for a longer time without tiring. Your lung capacity and energy level will likely increase, too. When you’re not clubbing, you should try out something like Salsa, which will help you to build your stamina.

Increases your overall well-being

Dancing can be fun. A turn on the dance floor to a favourite tune can boost your mood, instill confidence and ward off depression. Unless the tune is Whigfield.

Keeps your mind sharp

Aerobic exercise increases the level of brain chemicals that promote nerve cell growth. Having to remember steps can also sharpen your recall skills – so memorising the latest Girls Aloud dance routine will help substantially.

Relieves stress and reduces tension

Moving to the beat helps some people sleep better and fret less. So you can literally dance your troubles away.

Improves your attractiveness

If you run out of chat-up lines, dancing could be your route to success. You can increase your sexual attractiveness by dancing. The opposite sex is naturally attracted to good dancers. It’s never done the likes of Robbie Williams or Shakira any harm after all.

Although Christmas is traditionally the season in which the average person is most likely to gain weight, it doesn't have to be that way.  So get the heart rate up and the face glowing.  Similar to most aerobic exercise, it not only helps you to burn calories but helps you to have a faster metabolism for hours after you have finished. Let’s face it, dancing is a lot more fun than doing aerobic exercises at the gym! Don't forget though, the calories you burn will be wasted if you choose to overindulge on party food after the dancing.  
So go to the parties and have a good time, just make sure you add dancing as part of the fun too.

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