Davina's exercise equipment

Davina exercise equipment

I'm always being asked by gym go-ers about the best bits of home gym equipment, my answer is still the same today as it always has been, if you have space and money, the more equipment you can buy the more varied your workouts can be. However, if like most of us you are restricted with both space and money then you can buy just a few pieces to give you the best chance of achieving those weight loss goals.

For versatility resistance bands are great. A piece of cardio equipment such as an exercise bike or rower is always nice to have, a fitball and a set of adjustable dumbells could complete your home gym.

There also seems to be a lot of interest at the moment in Davina McCall's new range of exercise equipment exclusive to Argos. The range consists of a foldable exercise bike, a cross trainer and various other accessories.  I've not tried them myself so can't review them effectively but will try to soon and give you my opinion.

Oliver recommends

If you can only manage one piece of equipment then the best in the range in my opinion, for versatility and price, would have to be the Twist board with resistance bands, you could do so many different exercises with this and it will neatly fit into a cupboard or under the bed and its only £10.

A few exercises you could do with a resistance band:

Visit our exercise library to see hundreds more exercises.

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