Diets don't work

Diets dont work

Quick results rarely sustain results

It's so easy to be lured by quick-fix diets offering rapid, painless weight loss. But all research shows that making healthy and sustainable changes to your eating and activity habits is the safe and effective route to long term slimming success.

There is no single right way to lose weight. But what is important is to do it in a healthy and realistic way. This allows you to get the nutrients you need, feel positive about helping your health and well being, and get on with living your life. It also means you'll be developing new skills and attitudes to help you keep the weight off.

Quick-fix diets are usually short-term with a rigid set of rules. While you may lose weight, the diets are too rigid to sustain for long periods.

Nutritionally inadequate

They're also likely to be nutritionally inadequate and could lead to problems such as iron-deficiency or poor bone health. They also don't help you to address your real obstacles to losing weight and keeping it off. Being more active in daily life helps to lift mood and self-esteem, regulate (not increase) appetite, maintain muscle, and make long-term success more likely.

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