Eat fat to lose fat

eat fat to lose fat

Not all fat is bad

We all know that we should keep saturated fats to a minimum but your body needs those essential fatty acids (EFA’s), namely omega 3, 6 and 9 (to a lesser extent). These essential fatty acids are the catalyst that your body needs to burn body fat.

Along with aiding fat loss, essential fatty acids are also good for your hair, skin, joints, organ function, keeping your heart healthy, digestion and hormone balance.

What to eat?

Good sources of essential fatty acids are oily fish such as salmon and tuna , seeds and nuts. Alternatively, you can look towards supplements. Cod Liver oil or Flaxseed oil for Omega 3. Evening Primrose or GLA (Borage oil) for Omega 6. Udo’s Choice oil is a complete blend of all 3 and would be my recommendation.

Warning when cooking!

If you heat a healthy monounsaturated fat like olive oil, you actually change its chemical structure. It becomes a Trans-Fatty Acid, which is essentially the same as a saturated fat. So, use oil very sparingly when cooking.

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