Healthy snacking

Healthy snacking

Eating more often will help you lose more fat

In an ideal world we would all eat more smaller meals throughout the day rather than breakfast, lunch and dinner, this would help regulate our blood sugar levels and in turn our energy levels. This is not an option for most people working 9-5 so the closest we can get to it is snack regularly throughout the day and eat less at mealtimes.

If your body drops too low on calorie intake then it goes into starvation mode. Put simply, your body thinks it may not get any food for a long period and so it thinks that it should hold on to as much as possible without burning it off, meaning your body will store the food as fat for a later date. If you keep the food coming regularly then your body feels comfortable there will be a ready supply and doesn't feel the need to hang on to it 'just in case'. It's important to point out that these snacks should of course be healthy.

What to snack on

It’s not practical for everyone to stick to 6 regular meals each day but incorporating healthy snacks such as fruit, nuts or cottage cheese and reducing portion size for main meals can go a long way towards gaining a healthy and toned physique.

You could grab some of these snacks next time you are at the supermarket or you can have snack a box delivered directly to you. Graze offer ready made boxes of healthy snacks delivered direct to your door or workplace. They are currently offering a free trial so you can see and taste what they have to offer without any cost or inconvenience to yourseelves.

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Benefits of a snack box

  • Huge variety - select your favourites from a massive selection of snacks from nuts and seeds, to flapjacks, breads and olives
  • Stops you oversnacking - a perfect aid for portion control, the ready made box will stop you from oversnacking
  • Convenience - it saves you the hassle of extra shopping and time to prepare the snacks

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