Importance of sleep in relation to building muscle

Importance of sleep for building muscle

Busy lives

Today people are leading busier lives than ever and I'm sure that you are no exception. We try to cram so many things into our day that we end up shorting ourselves when it comes to getting enough rest. Unfortunately, while sleeping less may seem to give you more time at first, what happens is that you end up being less productive each day and it only gets worse as time goes on. This is especially true when you are working hard to build muscle because of the relationship between sleep and metabolic activity.

Do you know the process of how muscle tissues grow? When you work out intensely, you are actually tearing the muscle tissue fibers. Your body takes the protein you've taken in through the day and repairs those muscle fibers, which makes them stronger and bulkier than they were before. The thing is, this process only happens when your body is at rest and sleeping. If you aren't getting an adequate amount of sleep, your body cannot repair the muscle fibers and you will have wasted much of the effort put into your daily workout.

Inadequate sleep is disruptive

Inadequate sleep also disrupts the natural metabolic processes and affects the production of several important hormones that influence how your body builds new muscle tissue. While you sleep your body steps up the creation of cell structure (anabolism) and slows down the rate of cells breaking down (catabolism). Anabolism is the component of metabolism that is so vital to building new muscle tissue. Obviously, this would be the goal of any body building regime. Not getting enough sleep means that your body will not be building new cells and that defeats the purpose of all that intense exercise.

Important hormones for muscle building include testosterone, growth hormone and cortisol. All of these hormones are produced in higher amounts while you are asleep. Tests have shown that growth hormone is produced in the largest amount during the first two hours of sleep every night. This hormone is vital to the body being able to form and sustain muscle mass. Testosterone levels determine how much muscle your body can build so getting enough sleep to maintain that level will enable you to get the muscle bulk that you desire. Cortisol is the hormone that assists in the breaking down of muscle tissue – in other words, it supports the metabolic systems of anabolism and catabolism, both vital to building muscle.

Sleep deprivation can impact over time

Sleep deprivation over time can impact your muscle building efforts even more by lowering both your strength and your mental state so that you are unable to maintain the intensity or duration needed to actually add muscle. Not only will your workouts become more ineffective as time goes on, you also are sabotaging your muscle building goals by disrupting normal metabolism and hormone production. If you are going to put all that time, effort and work into developing larger muscle mass, doesn't it make sense to get enough sleep so that you can realize your goals?

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