Increasing your motivation to exercise

Increasing your motivation to exercise

Getting yourself motivated

Getting yourself motivated to exercise can be one of the most important factors towards achieving your exercise goals; without motivation, what would ever drive you to hit the gym rather than stay at home watching your favourite DVD?

Getting motivated can be tough, but it definitely isn’t impossible. Here are just 5 ways to increase your motivation to exercise:

1 - Train with friends

Having a support group is absolutely invaluable to helping you achieve your goal-oriented program, exercise or otherwise. Having a support group that is going the distance with you, and experiencing the same sore muscles as you are, helps to remind you that you have bonded together with these friends for a purpose. It will also deter you from quitting because you won’t want to let your friends down.

2 - Set your goals

Knowing what you want to achieve and celebrating when you get there, is a well-proven motivator. Start by setting small goals up which lead up to your final, big goal, and take pride when you meet each small goal. Planning to lose weight? Set small goals to lose two pounds at a time, in certain amounts of time. Trying to bulk up? Measure those biceps and celebrate for every increase in the measurement until you reach your final goal. Keep in mind that goals don’t have to be body-based: goals to be able to run a mile, lift a certain weight, or just feel healthier are just as good!

3 - Measure your results

Now that you have set your goals, what more pleasure could you possibly get from anything other than seeing yourself reach each step? Keep a workout journal and record the details of every workout. The time you spent working out and the distance, difficulty, weight, and repetitions should be included where applicable. Keep note of how you feel each workout, and you may be surprised to look back in a few weeks and see how much further you are walking, how much more weight you are handling, and how much better you’re feeling! Make sure to note in the journal when you reach each small goal, so that you can look back on past celebrations, and look forward to the ones to come.

4 - Ask for encouragement

Just as working out with friends can motivate you, so can receiving support and praise from those who care, but aren’t joining you. Brag to your family, friends, and loved ones about your commitment to your new workout program, and especially brag and include them in the celebrations of reaching your goals! Having a positive network of friends around you will allow motivation to come in the form of praise, encouragement, and even the occasional push on those days when you just aren’t feeling it.

5 - Settle into a routine

A routine will make things a lot easier to keep your workout plan going for longer than a week. While you will want to break up the monotony once in a while by running a different course or trying a different abdominal exercise, having a general plan as to what time of day you are exercising, how long it will take, and what you do during the workout makes it easier to move from one activity to the next. Once you have settled into a routine, and your friends and loved ones know that routine, it is that much easier to keep it and still just as satisfying to complete.

Please also bear in mind that although routine is great for motivation, you should also be changing your program ideally every 4-6 weeks.

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