Losing that last bit of wobble

Losing that last bit of wobble

Tips for beating the battle of the belly

We're often asked by clients why their belly wont go down even though they are trim everywhere else. We get asked this question quite a bit by guys that are exercising a lot and have managed to lose fat from other areas but not their belly. Our answer is generally the same. These clients generally fall into the same category:

  • They exercise three or four times a week - both cardio and weights
  • They have reasonable muscle definition - you can see the muslce shapes
  • They eat a healthy-ish diet - have their 5-a-day
  • They drink at least a litre of water a day
  • They drink alcohol 2 or 3 nights a week - not binge drinking
  • They considers themselves in good shape - except for that belly!

If this sounds like you, then you should try two things

Slow down your cardio

You might be training at too high an intensity, slow it down and run/cycle/row for a bit longer to try and burn fat rather than carbs. If you've ever monitored your heart rate whilst training you may be aware that to burn fat you should try to keep to 60-70% of your maximum heart rate. As a very rough guide, your maximum heart rate is 220 minus your age, so if you are 30 years old then your max heart rate could be 190bpm (220-30=190). This is however, only a rough guide, you should do a fitness test with a professional to gauge your true maximum heart rate.

Reduce the saturated fats

You may be eating the right amount of calories on a daily basis but not the right types of food. If you consider the rest of your body to be trim and are happy with your shape then you are probably comsuming the right amount of calories but too many of these calories are coming from saturated fats, common culprets could be too much butter on your toast, too much mayo in your lunchtime sandwich or cooking with too much fat. It may well be small things that you dismiss but if you are seriously wanting to rid yourself of that last bit of wobble then you need to make a conscious effort to cut out most (not necessarily all) of these fats.

We're all different

What works for one person doesnt necessarily work for the next so it is often trial and error, if you have access to a personal trainer or (half decent) gym instructor tell them your situation and see what they recommend.

You could also try completing a food diary for a week, you may think you have a good diet but it always surprises people as to how often they 'treat' themselves.

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