Marathon training tips

marathon training

Our top 15 marathon training tips

Deciding to run a marathon is a major commitment that will take a lot of your time and dedication. To help you reach your marathon training goals, follow our top 15 tips to marathon training success. iBodz will make sure you go the distance!

Marathon training tip 1: Break down your goal

Break down your goal into smaller, achievable ones. Decide what distance or pace to run every two weeks leading up to the marathon. Having short-term goals visible on your monthly calendar will motivate you when the distant marathon seems far enough away to slack off.

Marathon training tip 2: Don’t overdo it

While you want to increase your distance and pace as you build up to the marathon, you want to make sure you don’t hurt yourself trying to meet goals that are over ambitious. As a guide, increase your distance and or your pace by a maximum of no more than 10% every week.

Marathon training tip 3: Keep healthy

Staying healthy by eating a well balance diet to ward off illness is just as important as preventing injury. Make sure you practice good hygiene, ensure you get decent amounts of sleep and eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to keep your immune system in tip top shape.

Marathon training tip 4: Rest

Giving yourself plenty of down-time and rest from training is really important. You don’t have to run every single day and you certainly shouldn’t. It is important to give your muscles and body time to recuperate. This is especially true if you notice any aches, pains, or early signs of illness.

Marathon training tip 5: Buy a good pair of trainers

Buying the right pair of training shoe will be a worthwhile investment. It’s also important that you do at least a 10-mile run in your chosen trainers before the marathon to break them. The last thing you want on the day blisters or sore feet.

Marathon training tip 6: Mix it up a bit

Mix things up. Don’t just run at marathon pace while you train. Include bursts of speed in your runs. Interval training is a really effective way to improve your performance and increase your stamina.

Marathon training tip 7: Offset boredom

Don’t run the same course again and again whilst you train. Make sure you add a bit of variety to you run to prevent yourself from getting bored.

Marathon training tip 8: Power up

Power up like you would for the marathon. Don’t wait until marathon day to discover that a power gel you want to use leaves a bad taste in your mouth after a while. Train with any sports drinks or gels you plan to use so that your taste buds and your body are ready for them on race day.

Marathon training tip 9: Choose your clothes wisely

Your marathon outfit should be something very light and breathable, and importantly, something that won’t cause chafing. Wear the outfit you’re planning on wearing during your training runs, so if it does cause you problems, you can exchange it for something more practical. Leave the string vest at home.

Marathon training tip 10: Practice your timing

Like all serious athletes, you need to get into the habit of running at the same time of day your marathon will be taking place, whenever possible. You want your body to get used to being up at that hour and become accustomed to the weather and environment at that time of day.

Marathon training tip 11: Consider a back up plan

It’s important to think about what will keep you motivated if you’re having a bad day on the day of the marathon. It happens. Weather, health, energy – so many things could go wrong. Therefore it’s good to have something else to aim for on mile 20 if you already know you won’t make your primary goal.

Marathon training tip 12: Visualise your goal

Spending your time day-dreaming about crossing that finish line in your desired time can keep you positive and focused about completing the race. The old adage invariably works: positive things happen to positive people.

Marathon training tip 13: Complete a half marathon

You need to aim to complete a half-marathon around a month before the full marathon. Try to finish it with a faster pace than you are planning for your marathon. This will give you a good picture of your fitness level and help you gain a realistic expectation of your pace.

Marathon training tip 14: Slow down

Make sure you start to taper down you training runs about three weeks before the marathon. Doing so won’t guarantee a bad run, but this basic practice can ensure your strongest possible performance.

Marathon training tip 15: Relax

Take some time out to relax a week before the race. Try to reduce any stress in your life as much as possible and set aside some time for yourself, to ensure the best mind-set for the big day. Best of luck - remember, you can do it!

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