Sex and weight loss

sex and weight loss

How sex can be part of your weight loss routine

Have you ever wondered if there were better ways to burn those calories off rather than hitting the gym, running a marathon or constantly having to count the calories you are taking in? How about sex and weight loss?

Metabolism is the process of converting the foods you eat into energy and a person’s metabolism has a great impact on their weight gain (or even being overweight in some cases). We all know that you can have a regular exercise routine to help cut down those calories, but what about having sex added into your routine too?

There are many health positives to sex and it has already been noted in studies to help lower blood pressure, increase circulation and improve the body’s circulation so why can it not burn calories too? There are extra advantages to sex; did you know that it helps to stimulate phenetylamine? This is the amphetamine that helps to regulate the body’s appetite. A chemical called DHEA which released at the moment of climax helps to balance our immune systems.

Which sexual position are you?

There are all types of sexual positions allowed for burning off more calories but has this thought even crossed your mind before? The Missionary position can burn 32 calories for the male and 16 for the female, while others like Cowgirl burn 75 calories for the male and 15 for the female. Others more complex like wheelbarrow (with 59 calories for the male and 78 calories for the female), arch and bridge are great examples that will allow a person to give a little more into supporting their body weight (and their partners) while still allowing the act to take place. Many of these positions do take time in getting used to as it’s a mutual position that all members need to do their fair share of supporting.

There are also other things besides positions to consider like when you are speaking to your partner. Are you wheezing just a little? That’s extra calories right there being burned away. What about shouting while you are giving directional speeches? Those are just more way calories can be burned during the act of sex. Are you talented enough to do the deed in a hammock? It’s been said that a sex workout in a hammock can burn as much as 155 calories, a challenging task but it could be fun!

Effective orgasms

Let’s talk about orgasms! If we are lucky we all have them, right? Did you know you can burn more calories faking an orgasm than really having one? Ever take a second to think how many calories you can burn while doing this? Now if you are able to control yourself and hold back (which let’s face it, is sometimes more fun), you can burn off even more calories right there. Sex and burning calories is just like killing two birds with one stone.

Sex is one way that every part of the body is getting a workout. You have heard about the full body workouts, this really is one. It requires no membership, no fees, just a good partner and some dedicated time. Many of the numbers are just guesstimates since it is hard to tell for each person how many calories you can burn, but if you are getting a full body workout you can be sure to be burning calories. Most will say that on average just 30 minute sessions will amount to 200 calories being burned and you are having fun while doing it too!

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