Small steps are the key to success

Small steps

One of the most important pieces of advice we can give anyone striving for weight loss or muscle building success is to take small steps.

You should be trying to make changes to your body (and life) that you can sustain for life and not give up on after 4 weeks, the best way to do this is to start slowly, despite how enthusiastic you may feel, you are a lot more likely to achieve your goals if you pace yourself and introduce any changes slowly.

How to change your eating habits

If you plan to make big changes to your eating habits then make 2 or 3 small changes per week rather than changing your whole diet in one go. Start off with introducing more water into your diet, it could be as easy as just drinking one glass of water when you first get up in the morning. Ensure you eat some breakfast before leaving home in the morning - you get the idea - SMALL STEPS

Introducing exercise into your life

If you are not used to exercising then don't start with 5 sessions in your first week, not only would you suffer from some seriously achey muscles but you would more than likely get bored of it very quickly. Start with 3 a week for the first couple weeks, with a day gap in between, then go to 4 times a week and then 5 - you get the idea - SMALL STEPS....

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