A delicious and nutritious drink in minutes

Smoothies taste good, are a great source of vitamins and they are so simple to make.You don’t need any of these fancy smoothie makers or juicers. They mostly remove the pulp, which contains the skin and the seeds. These are a great source of fibre and one of the reasons why smoothies are so good for you. All you need is a normal blender or hand blender, these cost from £5 to £10. The cheaper ones however will not blend ice so you can just add it after.

They only take a few minutes to make and with preparation even less time. A good method is to spend half hour or so, one day a week, (depending on how much you need) roughly chopping up some fruit and putting into the freezer. Divide it up into little plastic bags and get it out before you need it to let it defrost. It only needs to soften enough so it can be blended. It’ll also be nice and cool, great in the summer months.

You can make loads of different combinations and you only need about three or four different fruits to make a great tasting smoothie. For example a banana, apple and a few blueberries. Maybe add a bit of pure fruit juice to fill up the glass you could easily get about a pint from this. For those who either don’t like breakfast or simply need to ear more you could add a little muesli, porridge oats, nuts or some seeds. Why not try putting your protein powder in after exercise.

  • Easy to make
  • Great tasting especially if you have a sweet tooth
  • Handy if your on the go (put it in a bottle)
  • Make them to have later in the day
  • Will boost you RDA’s of fruit and veg
  • Quick, easy and healthy meal or snack

Be adventurous and have fun trying new combinations. You could even have vegetable ones. Sweet veg like carrots and peppers can be nice. Enjoy.

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