The dangers of weight training for teenagers

dangers of weight training for teenagers

Teenagers today have many things to worry about, there are social pressures that teens are put under like never before in history. The pressures of their peers make many young men and women do foolish things. Compulsive dieting, anorexia, bulimia, compulsive exercising, piercings or tattoos they may later regret, and even early sexual activity they may not want to participate in, all may stem from the peer pressures prevalent in a teenagers life today. Even things that 'look' healthy may not be for a teen that's not yet come through puberty.

Society doesn't help

Teens have difficulty with knowing how to use discretion in many things and exercise and healthy living is often one of those things. Many teens are introduced to the world of muscle building either as a part of their sports teams’ regimen to increase their stamina and strength or through the many 'six-pack' articles in men's magazines. However, teens may do themselves more harm than good with muscle building.

Many of the sports teams for teenagers now insist they play harder and accomplish more than has ever before been accomplished. In order for them to accomplish more they are encouraged to 'buff up'. They are encouraged to lift weights by their coaches, their team mates as well as by society. The idea they may be the next sports star is not far from anyone's mind.

The abundance of articles in men's mags depicting men with washboard stomachs and the quick easy wins to achieve a six-pack only help to encourage teens to aspire to these (mostly) unachievable goals.

There are many dangers involved in weight training for the average adult let alone a young man or woman not quite through with their body's development. Doing too much too fast, lifting more than you should before your body is ready can be disastrous for someone just starting a muscle building program.

Teens that have not completely developed the musculature and the bone growth they will eventually achieve are in serious danger of damaging growing muscles and bones to the extent they will cause the growth plates (epiphyseal plates) of their bones to prematurely close causing a stunting of the growth of the teen. There are many injuries that can happen that will permanently injure muscles, tendons, and joints, causing pain and disability for the rest of their lives. The rupture of an Achilles tendon, for example, will cause pain for quite some time if not for the lifespan of the sufferer.

Moderation is key

Moderation in all things is the key to a healthy life. Encourage your teen to build up slowly to any exercise, especially one that can be quite dangerous if not done properly. Permanent injury is not something you wish to see happen to your child. Talk to them; let them talk to professional trainers if they are determined to body build. Tell them of the dangers they may encounter and moreover discuss drug issues in bodybuilding. You may help your teen to avoid a lifetime of pain and suffering with just these few preventative measures.

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