Why do I fail at losing weight?

Why I fail to lose weight

Many people will tell you that losing weight is a hard thing to do.  Some will even tell you that it's an impossible task.  Since we see people successfully losing weight all the time, we all know that it is possible so what are the reasons that so many have a difficult time losing weight?

  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of willpower
  • Lack of clear instruction
  • Lack of results

Lack of motivation

A lack of motivation is one thing that stops a lot of people achieving their weight loss goals.  Perhaps the doctor has told them that they should lose weight but they personally don't feel an urgent need.  Often it takes an outside motivating factor to spur us into doing something as intense as weight loss can be.  You have to really want to change your diet and lifestyle in order to be successful in weight loss efforts.  Unfortunately, too many people don't truly feel a need to make the necessary changes.  It's just not important enough to them to motivate them into making the effort needed.

Solution: Think about all the benefits of losing the weight or speak to someone else who has lost weight and see how they benefited.

Lack of willpower

A lack of willpower is similar to the lack of motivation in that the person without willpower may feel really motivated to lose weight but when push comes to shove, they lack the self-discipline in order to stay the course.  This type of person will start off well but at the first sign of temptation, they forget all about their diet.

Solution: Try adding a bit of structure or routine to your weight loss plans, maybe find yourself a weight loss partner

Lack of instruction

A lack of instruction is another reason that many fail is that they have a lack of instruction to show them exactly how they can lose weight.  In many cases, it may not be a complete lack so much as too many sets of instructions – each contradicting the other.  One diet says to avoid carbohydrates, another may say to eat fruit five times per day while still another will tell you to eat cabbage soup every day for two weeks.  This contradictory information confuses people so that they have no idea which way to actually lose weight.

Solution: Speak to a fitness professional - DON'T just follow a routine from a magazine

Lack of results

A lack of results are a sure way for a dieter to become discouraged.  Too often, people will try a new weight loss plan for a few days and find that they haven't lost weight or maybe that they lost less than they had hoped.  Then they either give up on that plan and try another or they simply give up the idea of losing weight altogether.  Often even people who have so far seen success at losing weight will hit a plateau where they seem to be stuck and not losing anymore and they give up before reaching their weight loss goal.

Solution: Be patient, depending on your action plan, weight loss can take time, if you reach a plateaux it just means your body is getting used to your current regime, so seek further advice from a fitness professional to change things up a bit

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Well done

It seems like you are putting too much emphasis on the numbers, if you are losing inches from your waist and hips - is this not the ultimate goal? I always recommend to my clients that they dont use weighing scales, measure success by a tape measure and even how you feel in your clothes.

It sounds like you are doing the right thing by changing your routine, never let your body (or mind) get too familiar with any one routine/class/program.

You are making changes and getting good results, so stick with it and ignore the scales.

Hope this helps.


I successfully managed to lose nearly 2 stone in weight over a year I have been on a plateau ever since. I changed my workout earlier this year to Beachbody Insanity training and have been doing that for 5 1/2 months, no change in weight but lost an 1 1/2" from my waist and an inch from my hips. I have now added weight training and bodylastics and increased my calorie intake but nothing. What else can I try, I mean surely I can't stay on a plateau forever?