Circuit Training

Written by: Lee on 11th Jun 2010
circuit training

In a bid to further reduce body fat I've altered my training over the last couple of weeks to more of a circuit style. The idea being to constantly have the heart rate elevated and burning calories when I would usually be resting. The results have been pleasing as body fat is certainly falling and muscle mass is being retained, possibly even increased. Moderate levels of cv and resistance training would be essential.


I have seen this before as

I have seen this before as well (The Biggest Loser) I believe it is how they do their workouts. I often wondered how well it works and if we should be doing the same. I would say it would make workouts more interesting.

Circuits worked fantastically

Circuits worked fantastically well for reducing body fat. I found myself splitting into 2 routines and doing each twice a week. The first based on upper body (three excercises, chest, back shoulders) and a lower body (three excercises, leg, lower back, abs).

I think I've heard of this

I think I've heard of this method. It does work but I can see a time when I would exhaust every bit of energy that I have. That's one of the problems with my initial experimentation with circuit training. But I think it also highlights the fact that I need to increase my endurance.

Yes, they would seem ideal

Yes, they would seem ideal when in combination with each other, rather than being done in isolation. They are so different that they shouldn't interact negatively.