New Year Resolutions

Written by: Lee on 3rd Jan 2011

For this year, I aim to visit more parts of the Uk I've not yet seen and start attending music festivals and gigs. Nice and simple, hopefully adding a bit more variety and fun into the year.


Status update?

So the first month of the new year has passed now. How are you doing on your new mission to add more fun and variety to life?? Good I hope!

Without having travelled to

Without having travelled to anywhere new yet, I have seen a couple of unknown bands in small pub giggs and relaxed a trict training regimen to allow for more social time so more fun has been had, just without the variety.

It is a plan for the entire year though so I've not given up yet.

We need balance

Yes, let us remember to make sure to have some fun in life. We need balance in our goal-directed, achievement-oriented lives of the 21st century.

That's great. It sounds like

That's great. It sounds like a resolution you can keep. Many people (me included) often set too ambitious goals in their resolutions, only to end up breaking them.

I love your resolutions! You

I love your resolutions! You don't normally see people make fun resolutions but they'd definitely be easier to keep and it's important to bring joy into one's life.

This is awesome! Finally

This is awesome! Finally someone that posts resolutions that they might be able to keep. It is refreshing and I cannot wait to hear about all the places you go to visit and explore - of course I can't wait to hear about your work out rituals too!

I love this! Instead of the

I love this! Instead of the "I am going to work out more or eat healthier" you have fun goals and resolutions. I am going to spend more time with my daughter, doing the things that she likes to do.

Sounds Good

Apart from the usual get fit resolutions I aim to carry on with my list of 40 things to do before I'm 40. Next up is I want to learn to juggle and keep trying to learn Italian.

Juggling, something I've

Juggling, something I've always wanted to do but still haven't. Will you try to teach yourself or learn from someone?

You Tube

I will You Tube some videos mate. Amazing what you can find on there! I got a set of 5 small balls from the pound shop so ready to go. Best not starting off with flaming batons haha!

You'd certainly have

You'd certainly have motivation to learn, and quickly too if you used flaming batons! I used to be able to juggle, but I never tried five balls, only three.