Written by: Lee on 5th Jul 2010
Pre-exhaust training

As a change of pace, I have altered the order of my circuits to focus on pre exhausting a specific muscle group in each one. Pre-exhausting is done by performing an isolation movement for a body part followed by a compound movement for the same body part, an example being a chest flye (arms locked into postion so only chest contracts) followed by bench press (a movement that involves both arms and chest). It's proven to be a good way to shock the muscle without having to make dramatic alterations to routine.


Te benefit is really based on

Te benefit is really based on having another method of shocking the muscle at your disposal. As muscles adapt fairly quickly, it helps to train in a variety of ways to keep them eveolving.

The benefits of this are

The benefits of this are presumably a faster progress towards the desired result? I'm not heard the term before, though I have heard similar described.