Suspension training

Written by: Lee on 30th May 2010
TRX Suspension Training

Over the last few weeks I have added the TRX suspension trainer to my arsenal and have found it to be a very effective way of training all body parts for tone, strength, function and size. It’s also received very positive feedback from clients and other members of my gym alike, tearing some away from their beloved dumbbells. It has the massive advantage of being a very versatile piece of kit, something that can be used at home, in the gym or off any tree or post.

My next training project is developing a training system with a large sack, a punch bag in my case. Early workouts are showing great promise so I will keep you all updated.  Take care all.  
Find out more about TRX Suspension Training from TRX Fitness. Prices start from around £150.


Brilliant! I like the fact

Brilliant! I like the fact they are easy to use anywhere and you can store them away after using them. I also have one of the treadmills you can fold up and store beneath the bed. We don't have a lot of room in our apartment so this is a plus for my family.

That looks like a piece of

That looks like a piece of equipment I would like to try. I enjoy working out differently instead of doing the same thing time after time. I may have to invest in something like this.

Well, you convinced me. I

Well, you convinced me. I purchased one. I have used it quite a bit so far and I really like it. It is so versatile you can use it for many other exercises than what is listed. I have used it to "row" with as well as stretching to some extent. Thanks for calling my attention to this piece of equipment!

I've never tried this system

I've never tried this system before. You really have to work at it, as you do any exercise, for it to work well. I have a tendency to forget easily too.

I've had similar devices in

I've had similar devices in the past and I think that they are a little too easy to store. I end up putting them where they get forgotten. I need something more in your face, constantly on view.