Treat every set as if it were your last

Written by: Lee on 10th Jul 2010
Treat every set as if it were your last

Applying the philosophy of making the most of every day to resistance training.

Like most, I've held back on a set before in an attempt to conserve some energy for the sets to follow, doing so at a cost to my results. Every set you do should be treated as an individual opportunity to train your muscle and give it the stimulus it needs to change.

Now, this doesn't mean training to failure on every set, but giving each set the same focus and effort that you would your last. If you plan on 12 rep's, do 12 rep's but ensure they are all done fully, with correct form and maximum effort. This will increase your chance of getting the full benefits of resistance training and maximising results.


Very good advice. I, like

Very good advice. I, like everyone else who has commmented before me, have been guilty of this on occasion. I love to top my own records and I guess I am sort of hedging a bit in order to complete more of a certain exercise than before.

I know what you speak of. I

I know what you speak of. I find myself doing this too. It's not a conscious thing but I think we all want to reach our goals for the day or the week. I'm glad you called my attention to this, thanks!

Good Advice

I think we are all guilty of this at some time or other. I have tried to increase the number of sets I do at the expense of doing them correctly. I would guess it would be more helpful to just do a few over goal correctly than to do quite a few without giving it all you have.

I have found myself doing

I have found myself doing this in other forms of exercise as well-I always seem to try and save a bit for a good last set. You're right-it's not the way to do it.

Good Idea

In the effort to complete a number, whichever number I set for the day, of reps on a weight, I have inadvertently done this. I didn't really think of it but I guess in the effort to complete my goal for the day, I was leaving some effort behind. Thanks for calling me on it.