Vibram 5 Fingers

Written by: Lee on 21st Oct 2010
Vibram 5 fingers

I recently purchased a pair of Vibram 5 fingers which, for those who have not seen them, are a pair of “shoes” with individual toes, made of a lightweight fabric that are designed to let you be as close to walking barefoot as is safely possible.

My initial reason for purchase the Vibram 5 fingers was to wear in the gym as I constantly take my trainers off for squats and deadlifts, so they would be an easy alternative to constantly swapping. I have however, found myself wearing them constantly as the posture, balance and gait improvements that come with the freedom of them have been significant (they are also incredibly comfortable).

They did take a day or so to adapt to, as being able to feel everything you walk over can be quite a unique sensation and they do attract the occasional stare from passers by, but it has been worth it. So, whether you run, climb or enjoy the gym, I would highly recommend looking into the Vibram 5 fingers for benefits more people should be aware of.  


I have a couple of questions,

I have a couple of questions, first, do they offer enough support for higher impact activities like running or aerobics? The second question, is are they easy to fit with the individual toe slots?

Fitting wasn't a problem. My

Fitting wasn't a problem. My toes are slightly bent and still slotted straight into them. It takes a bit of adjusting but not enough to make them any less appealing.
I initially felt the impact through my heels but it was never uncomfortable and I have adapted. They are recommended for running and I'm sure the same would apply to aerobics.

Those sound really

Those sound really interesting and I do enjoy being barefoot. Where I live it gets too cold in the winter for me to indulge so these might be a viable alternative. I also love the feel of having my shoes snug on my feet. You probably can't get any snugger than these huh?

They are very comfortable,

They are very comfortable, although not great in the cold or wet. I've resorted to trainers for the first time today because of that.

Interesting concept! I have

Interesting concept! I have seen them and wondered about how they would feel. I am usually barefoot when I am inside anyways. I might have to check them out for the gym though.

Like a lot of people, I'm a

Like a lot of people, I'm a big believer in performing any exercises that involve you being on your feet, barefoot. That makes these a fantastic piece of kit for use in commercial gyms where you have to wear footwear.

That's not a bad price for

That's not a bad price for something as specialised as this. I'd be careful if buying from Ebay though as I reckon cheap copies won't be long in flooding the market!

I've never been a fan of ebay

I've never been a fan of ebay for those reasons but there are what seem to be a few reputable retailers online offering them for between £60 and £70 if you look around long enough.

The only place I found them

The only place I found them in Cardiff was in Run and Become in the City Centre, I believe they are the only store in Wales that stocks multiple sizes. They were £99, you can however, find them online for less if you know your european sizes.

I've been wearing them in place of my trainers for the last 3 weeks and do not see that changing. The only problem so far has been rain, they aren't water proof (apart from the grip) and can feel quite 'squidgy' when wet.

Ah, they can be worn like

Ah, they can be worn like regular shoes? How much are they when you purchased them? It's the first time I have seen this pair of footwear here that looks like hand gloves. I might look for it in our local fitness store.

I have seen these being worn

I have seen these being worn in a photograph in the newspaper and they look very strange, but I am a great believer in the benefits of being barefoot so, if they give you this natural feeling plus the safety of wearing a shoe, they could be worth buying.