Brighton Marathon

Written by: Oliver on 11th Apr 2011
Brighton Marathon

Well done to all those that ran, walked, skipped or hopped the Brighton Marathon.

I went down to the finishing straight to cheer on some friends and actually felt quite emotional, the support for 'strangers' was truly amazing.

An astounding £6million was estimated to be raised by participants, so i take my hat off to all those who took the time to train for the months leading up to it.

So, wether you walked it or ran it or couldn't quite manage it over the finishing line, its still an achievement.

As a spectator the weather was perfect but for those taking part, I really felt for you!  100,000 people descended onto the Brighton streets and beach for the day.

A massive well done to those that took part or took time to support the event.


Yeah, really. What is it

Yeah, really. What is it about running a marathon that attracts somebody to put their body through that kind of pain and agony? Hats off to them that do it.

I honestly can't even begin

I honestly can't even begin to imagine what training for a marathon must be like. It takes a certain breed of cat I think.

It is quite amazing to me

It is quite amazing to me what people can accomplish if they really decide to. I wonder if the beneficiaries of the charity know what people put themselves through to run that race?

I would love to get fit

I would love to get fit enough to be able to participate in a marathon like this one day. I think they are a great way to stay fit and help out some worthy causes!

I am just curious about what

I am just curious about what the proceeds that were raised will be going toward. It must have been a good cause for so many people to have dedicated their time to this event.

Thank goodness for the

Thank goodness for the wonderful weather we have been having, although it can sometimes be a disadvantage to have to complete a marathon in the heat of the sun!

This looks like it was a

This looks like it was a beautiful setting with perfect weather, too! It looks like a lot of fun, but it does take a lot of intensive training. I would love to participate someday!

I haven't heard anything

I haven't heard anything about the Brighton marathon and having just watched the London marathon, I wonder why? They are both in aid of charity so you'd expect to hear about them both surely?