Get bored at the gym?

Written by: Oliver on 17th Feb 2012
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Some people sing, some people chat, some just get stuck in...

No matter what you feel about the gym, everybody has a preference for keeping their motivation up. Without a doubt the most common form of distraction at the gym is music, some like to listen to dance music to keep their adrenaline pumping and their mind off the job, others prefer some soothing classical notes, personally I like to sing along to my music, so Billy Joel (go on, I'm used to the abuse for that guilty pleasure) is never far away on my playlists.

If music is not your thing then maybe you should try listening to an audio book instead, immerse yourself in a gripping thriller or heat up even further with a steamy novel, whatever your fancy you can be sure to find something of interest to keep you occupied whilst shutting out any thoughts of stopping midway through your session. are offering a free audio book when you sign up for a free trial today - so choose your book from their massive library of over 60,000 titles and watch the time fly-by at the gym.

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