Getting fit for summer

Written by: Oliver on 7th Jun 2011
Getting fit for summer

Its around this time of year where lots of you start to think about your summer holidays which often leads to you asking the question ‘what do I need to do to look good on my summer holiday?

Lots of people ask me how long it will take to get in to shape for summer – well, how long is a  piece of string?  You have to take lots of factors into account – your current shape, fitness level, diet etc...

If you do it slowly over time you are more likely to achieve your goals and the journey getting there won't be so painful, so starting soon is the best advice I can give.

Begin exercising – take a look at some of our sample programs to give you an idea of what to do.

Take a look at your eating habits – are you eating healthily, cut back the fats, eat your 5-a-day and drink plenty of water?

Take a look at our ‘10 most common mistakes’ article to avoid the common pitfalls.