Go girls

Written by: Oliver on 7th Jul 2009
race for life

At the weekend I had the pleasure of watching thousands of wonderful ladies, aged from 7 all the way up to 70, complete the 5km Race For Life at Stanmer Park in Brighton. For those of you unaware, the races, which were taking place all over the country, were in aid of Cancer Research. 

I was there specifically to cheer on a friend (well done Lucy) but was obviously supporting everyone else with a multitiude of claps and cheers. The messages on peoples backs about who they were running for, really was an emotional sight, like most people, i have lost family to cancer and so reading these messages really does remind you of how widespread a cause it is.

Seeing the 'very fit' and the 'very unfit' run side by side (even if for a short period) does make me happy and it should also show every one of YOU that there really is no excuse for not taking part in something like this. Not just becuase it is for a VERY good cause but also because you will increase your fitness by training for it and you could also lose inches (if thats your goal).

Check out their website to see if there are any events near to you, then signup, raise some money and get fit...