Healthy smoking?

Written by: Oliver on 11th Nov 2011

'Smoking' and 'healthy' are not two words that I would usually put in the same sentence. This subject is one I feel very passionate about, my parents both smoked a lot when I was growing up - to a child, the stench and the ugliness of it on top of the obvious ill effects on your health all fed my hatred of the habit.

With the increasing media attention on e-cigarettes I have to admit that Im a little torn as to whether I should give them a glowing report for their attempts to create a healthier option or dismiss them for their attempt to 'OK' the habit.

As a personal trainer my first recommendation would always have to be to kick the habit, but if thats not a consideration then turning to a healthier (and less smelly) alternative has to be a good thing.

My conclusion is this - if you are going to smoke then e-cigarettes are without a doubt, a better alternative to the more traditional form. As we all know, some people enjoy the process and have no intention of giving up, surely then it's better they choose a healthier alternative - thats my honest feeling anyway, feel free to let me know if you disagree...

What are e-cigarettes?

An electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, is a battery-powered alternative to traditional cigarettes that provides inhaled doses of nicotine vapourised solution.

In addition to nicotine delivery, the vapour also provides a flavour and physical sensation similar to that of inhaled tobacco smoke, although there is absolutely no tabacco, tar, combustion or second-hand smoke present.

Benefits of e-cigarettes

  • No ta, ash or smell
  • No yellow teeth or bad breath
  • Cheaper alternative
  • Smoke legally indoors

One of the leading e-cigarette brands - ClearSmoke are offering a FREE trial to those wanting to give it a go - so if you are a happy smoker and want to save some money and stop smelling like an ashtray then give it a go, you've got nothing to lose. Want to learn a bit more about e-cigarettes then read our article What is an e-cigarette?


I used to be a chain smoker

I used to be a change smoker and I really had a hard time quitting. I tried almost everything like trying exercise, nicotine patches and good old-fashioned will-power but nothing works. I had a very bad health condition that brought me to the hospital frequently. During those time I even had some financial difficulties because of the medical treatments I need to went through. Despite being not physically fit I still didn't quit smoking. Lately I tried this electronic cigarettes which is said to be the latest 'stop smoking' device. These battery-powered sticks are filled with a nicotine or non-nicotine solution that is heated and inhaled as a vapor. I'm enjoying it right now and helped me a lot to quit tobacco smoking. Scientists even says that this device had great potential in reducing the harm of smoking and it really works for me.