Help a little boy walk

Written by: Oliver on 12th Dec 2011

You could help a little boy walk and play with his friends.

I know we are all bombarded with requests from charitys these days and especially at this time of year our pockets are already being emptied quicker than we'd like but if you could drink one less pint or glass of bubbly on new years eve or one less stocking filler that isnt really wanted or needed and help this adorable little boy instead - you really could change a life.

At 6 months old, Vigo suffered a febrile convulsion (a seizure brought on by a high temperature) and developed a virus, he was taken to hospital where he spent two terrifying weeks. During that time he underwent a multitude of tests and examinations including two lumbar punctures, an EEG (brain scan), an MRI scan of his brain under a general anaesthetic, a ECG (heart scan), a CT scan of his brain, kidney scan, a 24 hour oesophageal ph monitor examination and 18 blood tests.  Vigo was diagnosed with Periventricular Leukomalacia (PVL).

PVL basically translates to ‘white matter damage’. The white matter of the brain controls movement and mobility. PVL is non progressive so the damage won’t get any worse but there is no cure. PVL almost always leads to Cerebral Palsy. Two weeks after he left hospital, Vigo was diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. Meaning all four of Vigo’s limbs are affected. His family was told he would ’never walk, never run and never kick a ball’.

I dont want to make you feel guilty or pull too tightly on your heartstrings, I just want to highlight the unfair challenge this boy is facing and how if we all make a donation Vigo will be able to play with his friends and do all the things little boys should be doing.

arrowPlease help this boy walk by donating today