How fit are you, really?

Written by: Oliver on 9th Dec 2011
physical fitness test

We are very happy to announce the launch of the new physical fitness tests on the website today. We have been doing them in the office and it has well and truly unleashed the competetive side in all of us.

Think you are pretty fit? Then you should take a fitness test and see how fit you really are. It's suitable for everybody, with ANY level of fitness.

The physical fitness test covers three main areas of fitness; Strength, Endurance and Cardiovascular fitness, this means that it is a fair comparison for all members. Some of you may lift heavy weights and be very strong and therefor won't have trouble with the strength test but may not score so highgly on the endurance tests - we have seen this quite a bit during our testing.

On the flipside some of the girls struggled with the strnegth but scored highly in the endurance and cardio tests.

The website will give you an overall score as a percentage, we then suggest you do this on a monthly basis to see how your fitness levels improve, and hopefully not get worse!

Go for it - take a test now (you must have a membership to take and record the test, but dont worry, membership is free and only takes 60 seconds).

I would be very interested to hear your scores


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