How I love walking!

Written by: Oliver on 3rd Mar 2009
How I love walking!

There has been a delay in writing my third blog and i feel incredibly guilty!

i have got a few good excuses though, holiday in South Africa, getting back in to shape after 3 weeks of eating nothing but copious amounts of seafood and drinking too much wine.

As much as i love South Africa and the people and the amazing scenery I was very upset with having to drive EVERYWHERE, living in Brighton on the south coast of England, we have the pleasure of not fearing for our lives with every trip outside the front door.

In a nutshell, its not safe to walk around in certain areas of the major towns and cities, especially at night and so driving is a must, even if your journey could be accomplished by a 5 minute stroll along the beach on a warm summers evening.

Despite this lack of 'leg-work' the majority of the city dwelling South Africans appear to be keen exercisers, there is certainly no shortage of gyms and they appear to be well equipped and certainly more spacious than ours in the UK.

Since coming back i have felt compelled to walk anywhere and everywhere, its amazing how much difference it makes, not being able to do one of the many things the majority of us take for granted.

So, now I am back in full swing, training again and walking everywhere and generally settled back into working life.