January detox is pointless

Written by: Oliver on 9th Jan 2012
January detox

According to the British Liver Trust, going on a detox in January is not only pointless but can even be detrimental to your long term health.

A month long breakwill you lead you into a false sense of security, people often think that if you don't drink in January you are fine to carry on as normal for the rest of the year, often starting with binge drinking again on the 1st of February.

Andrew Langford, Chief Executive of the British Liver Trust, says: "While people believe the hype and go on January detoxes to 'rejuvenate' their liver, it would actually be more beneficial to adopt a more long-term attitude to achieving good liver health."

It would be much better for your liver and therefore long term health if you chose to have a couple days a week that are alcohol free, most people are happy with a booze free Monday after the weekend's excesses, so how about a Wednesday as well or maybe even Monday through to Wednesday.

If you are a moderate but regular drinker and you cut out alcohol a few days a week, not only would you notice a difference to your energy levels but you would find that over time your sleep would improve and you'd also be more alert during the day, not to mention the benefits to your exercise performance and pocket.