Laugh your way to a 6-pack

Written by: Oliver on 14th Jan 2009
Laugh your way to a 6-pack

According to scientists, not quite sure where these scientists are from, an hour of laughter a day can burn as many calories as weightlifting for 30 minutes.

I would love to see the kind of weightlifting, or laughing for that matter, that these subjects were doing!

Maybe an hour of 'roll around on the floor' laughter would burn more calories than 30 minutes of lifting biscuits out of the packet, but i found this a little far fetched.

"A burst of hearty laughter provides the body with a 'mini-aerobic workout', according to neuroscientist Dr Helen Pilcher.

It makes the heart beat faster and boosts blood flow around the body, she says.

The chest is forced to rise and fall, while the abdominal muscles have to work hard to
keep up, tightening the tummy. And the benefits don't end there. Laughter requires help from at least 15 facial muscles, keeping them supple and the skin glowing"

Don't get me wrong, ive no doubts of the benefits of laughter and if you can routinely laugh for an hour a day you are going to be a happier person anyway.

My advice - dont settle for one or the other, try BOTH!

Read more about the study at The Daily Mail online

If you've experienced weight loss through lots of cackling, I'd love to hear about it!