More than just a watch

Written by: Oliver on 17th Feb 2012
g shock watches

Feel like James Bond while training in the park

If like me you are a fan of G Shocks then you will probably be pleased to hear of the launch of the latest range of G Shocks with Bluetooth technology. Basically meaning that your G shock will talk to your iPhone or other smartphone.

As a personal trainer I often leave my phone in my pocket or a bag and for professional reasons wont take it out if it rings and so obviously wont know who is ringing. This new watch will vibrate and tell me who is ringing or if i have a new email or text message. It will also update its time according to the timezone you are in, handy when you go on holiday and forget about the time change!

If you are unfamiliar with G Shock watches, they are a digital watch that is extremely rugged and so great for any kind of activity, I have a few and they have all had plenty of knocks and never once failed me! They are also seen as a bit of a fashion accessory, you will often see them on the arm of a rapper or fashion conscious celebrity - Kanye, Jay-Z, Brad Pitt, Jedward - the list is endless...

The bad news is they are not available in the UK or US for a while yet so unless you have a trip to Japan booked you are going to have to wait - suggestions are that it will cost around £150 though.