My belly wont go away

Written by: Oliver on 20th Jul 2011
My belly wont go away

This week a client asked me why his belly wasnt going down even though he is trim everywhere else. I get asked this question quite a bit by guys that are exercising a lot and have managed to lose fat from other areas but not their belly. My answer is generally the same. 

Id like to give you a bit of background on this client, obviously without revealing his identity, in case any of you readers fall into this category and have the same question:

  • He exercises three or four times a week - both cardio and weights
  • He has reasonable muscle definition - you can see the shapes
  • He eats a healthy-ish diet - has his 5-a-day
  • He drinks about a litre of water a day
  • He drinks alcohol 2 or 3 nights a week - not binge drinking
  • He considers himself in good shape - except for that BLOODY belly!

If this is you, then you should try two things

Slow down your cardio
You might be training at too high an intensity, slow it down and run/cycle/row for a bit longer to try and burn fat rather than carbs

Reduce the saturated fats
You may be eating the right amount of calories on a daily basis but not the right types of food.

You could also try completing a food diary for a week, you may think you have a good diet but it always surprises people (myself included) as to how often they 'treat' themselves.

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