My dog ate my trainers

Written by: Oliver on 7th Nov 2011
My dog ate my trainers

We've all done it - whether to a loved one or boss, we've all exaggerated the truth to excuse the fact we havent done something or cant manage to do something!

As a personal trainer, i have heard some great excuses as to why someone cant make a session, differentiating the excuses from the valid obstacles for a clients inability to train is certainly one of the skills any good personal trainer should have in his/her arsenal.

For us it's not so much about working out if someone is talking cobblers but more about the reason behind the excuse in the first place - lack of motivation, lack of confidence or simply fear at the thought of exercise.

Once we understand the reason for an excuse we can do out best to try and overcome that obstacle. The same approach can be adopted by you, if you understand what it is about the exercise you hate so much it makes tackling the problem a whole load easier.

Some common 'excuses' and how to tackle them

  • I'm feeling really tired - having a workout will help energise you as well as helping you sleep better, in the long run it will also boost your energy levels
  • Its cold out there - cover your head, ears and fingers, a hat and gloves will help you keep that heat in
  • Its going to be really busy at the gym - that will mean the most common pieces of equipment will be busy, this could be an ideal opportunity to try out something different, ask your friendly gym instructor for advice on this new equipment
  • Its been a long day at work and I dont want to have to talk to anyone - take your iPod, work really hard and get very sweaty, that way you can avoid eye contact with anyone and pretend you havent noticed them

Top 5 excuses I've heard over the years

Sorry I can't make todays session because....

  • ...there is a double bill of Coronation Street on tonight and I really dont want to miss it
  • ...I cut a nail too short on my finger
  • sister needs a hand with her homework (this was coming from a lady in her 60s)
  • ...I broke a lace on my trainers and i dont have any spares (I offered him one of mine)
  • ...I really can't be assed to do it today (you have to admire his honesty, needless to say this client didnt achieve his goals)


I know those excuses!

I must admit I have used the "I can't be arsed" once in a while myself. Never with a personal trainer but just with myself.