Pedometer on steroids

Written by: Oliver on 27th Jan 2012
nike fuelband

The new Nike+ FuelBand is part pedometer, part performance monitor.

Just like all other pedometers this new wrist band from Nike will track your running, dancing, football or any other activity you may be doing but this monitor then translates this movement into NikeFuel. You can set daily targets for your activity and the FuelBand will indicate how close you are to achieving your goals. You can also wirelessly track your progress on your smartphone through an app.

There are a few pedometers on the market that will allow you to set a target and then track this through some software you download onto your computer, but the versions I have seen really weren't very user friendly and didn't really offer a great deal else other than step counts and targets.

Being that this product is brought to you by Nike, its obviously of a high standard and all looks very pretty too.

Unfortunately it's not available in Europe yet, but those of you in the US can get your hands on one over on the Nike website.

I can't wait to try this one out myself, hurry up Nike, bring them to the UK...