Run on the beach in the sun

Written by: Oliver on 21st Nov 2011
Brighton Brooks Beach 10km

A big Well done to all those of you that took part in the Brooks Brighton 10km on the seafront this weekend.

Unfortunately I didn't run it myself depsite badgering lots of friends to do it, I was injured once again, wakeboarding injury this time, trying to fly through the air attached to a cable is not good for the stomach muscles!

For those that did do it, a big pat on the back, especially those that ran it with a hangover (naughty Claire).

The winner (Ben Whitby) managed it in a very impressive 29 minutes and 52 seconds!

Anyone interested in taking part in a race, this kind of event is the best introduction to racing, the training is not too hectic leading up to it, you dont have to dedicate evenings and weekends like you would for marathon training and you are not going to be suffering for days afterwards either. I encourage anyone to try a 10km race once in their life.