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Written by: Oliver on 16th Apr 2012
gym membership

How many of you have joined a gym, possibly committed to a 12 month membership and failed to make an appearance after the initial enthusiasm has drifted away after 4 weeks?

Roughly a third of active gym memberships aren't used - don't be one of them!

A new concept in gym membership has sprung up - pay-as-you-go gymming. As it says on the tin, you pay as you go, and with payasUgym you're not restricted to the one gym, you can use any of the many gyms on their website. You can buy discounted passses for a gym of your choice without any commitment. You pay for the length of pass you like, it could be one day, one week or one month - you pay for what YOU want and not what the gym enforces upon you.

This new idea is great for those that travel with work and may want to use a gym once or twice whilst in a different town. Or if you work a fair distance from your home and would like to use two different gyms but dont want the expense of two gym memberships. Or maybe you are training for an event or race and know you only need a gym membership for just two months and don't want to commit to a year.

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arrowBefore starting any gym program it's always a good idea to test your fitness levels with a physical fitness test so you have something to measure your progress against.


Wasting money for Gym is

Wasting money for Gym is really not a good idea. One should eat healthy and exercise to stay fit.