UK women are the most obese in europe

Written by: Oliver on 28th Nov 2011

Women in the UK are the most obese of any country in Europe according to a study by the European Union. The European Union's data agency Eurostat found 23.9 percent of women in the United Kingdom were recorded as being obese from 2008 to 2009, the highest rate among 19 countries looked at. Women in Malta were found to have the second-highest levels of female obesity with 21.1 percent.

Interestingly, the statistics also suggest the number of obese women falls as their level of education rises, there will no doubt be other factors that should be considered when drawing these type of conclusions though.

Our men aren't much better though, with just over 22 percent of men in the United Kingdom were found to be obese, coming in second, behind Malta.

A person is considered 'Obese' if their BMI (Body mass index) is over a certain level. If you want to measuere your BMI, take a look at our BMI calculator or BMI height and weight chart.

How to change

If you you fall into this 'obese' category or you feel you may be headed that way then it's time to make a few changes:

  • Take a look at your diet - start by using a food diary to analyse what you eat over the period of a few days
  • Increase your activity levels - try out our weight loss program
  • Eat smaller, more regular meals - rather than the usual breakfast, lunch and dinner, try eating more often and eating smaller portions
  • Snack on healthy foods - ensure you always have some healthy snacks available, try using Graze
  • Speak to someone - if there are hurdles preventing you from doing any of the above then speak about it, there are plenty of professional people around to help if you don't want to or don't feel comfortable discussing this with family or friends - try your doctor or even local gym staff