Weight loss dinnerware

Written by: Oliver on 24th Sep 2011
diet plate

The diet plate is yet another weight loss tool to help you shed the pounds.

From what i can see it is essentially a plate with guides on it to help you balance the types of food you put on the plate, one section for carbs, one for veg or salad, another for meat or fish and so on.

I'm not sure how i feel about this, on the one hand anything that helps you control portion sizes is a good thing, on the other hand - its a plate with pictures on it!

Portion control is a very good way of adjusting your diet, there are lots of people among you that eat the right foods, but eat far too much of them in one go. So if this plate helps you control the portion sizes and gives you balanced servings of each of the main food groups then great - but I'm not convinced a plate is going to do that.

If any of you have tried it or have any thoughts on it please let me (and others) know by posting a comment below.