Well done Brightonians

Written by: Oliver on 5th May 2010
brighton marathon

Well done to all those Brightonians out there that took part in the first Brighton Marathon.

It was a huge success for all that entered (of those that I spoke to anyway) as well as for the organisers, everything appeared to go well and it didn't cause mayhem in the town either.

So, well done if you ran or even walked it, its a great achievement you should be proud of yourselves.

Who's ready to start training for the 2011 event then...... 


I wish I lived there! I would

I wish I lived there! I would have loved to have at least walked the course. It would have been a personal triumph for me. I have been walking progressively and have finally gotten to a 5 mile walk round trip at a moderate pace. I think I'm doing quite well!