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The 'best time' to burn fat and eat carbs

Written by: Lee on 3rd Mar 2014
Best time to burn fat and eat carbs
A lot of people will try and avoid carbs around a workout in the belief that they will burn more fat during that work out by doing so. Unfortunately, this would appear to be a misguided approach. The main factor involved in body fat loss ... Read more >

Is what you're doing optimal and what should optimal mean to you?

Written by: Lee on 21st Feb 2014
is what you're doing optimal?
What is optimal? Optimal is defined as 'being the best or most favourable', but how does this relate to health and fitness. ... Read more >

Flexible dieting - the easier way

Written by: Lee on 13th Feb 2014
Flexible dieting
Whether we know it or not, virtually all diets work on some form of calorie control. It may be by restricting food groups (grains/processed foods), counting points, restricting intake (5:2 diet) or some other means, but they are all forms ... Read more >

Small steps, big results

Written by: Lee on 31st Jan 2014
Micro goal setting
Right then, so we all know that setting a long term goal is very important in staying motivated and is essential for ensuring success. What if I told you that this approach alone can do more harm than good. Don't worry though, I'm also ... Read more >

Knowing your weaknesses is in itself a strength.

Written by: Lee on 10th Mar 2011
From quite a young age, most people are told to focus on what we do well, to ‘play to your strengths’. This can and does have benefits and has helped a lot of people progress in life, however, I believe that just as valuable a skill to ... Read more >

The true key to success – Commitment (an honest and frank view).

Written by: Lee on 25th Feb 2011
I’ve previously blogged about the 3 keys to success, rest, nutrition (diet) and training. It is true that these 3 elements govern how your body develops, but the real differences will be made by your commitment levels. ... Read more >

How often should I eat?

Written by: Lee on 21st Feb 2011
Here's a brief explanation as to why regular small meals serve the body better than fewer large meals. The best way to explain this is to imagine the body as a coal or wood burning fire (as the way it deals with energy is very similar). As ... Read more >

Abs - Myth and Reality

Written by: Lee on 10th Feb 2011
With all of the telemarketing and shopping channels flogging new and ‘revolutionary’ pieces of kit every day, that are all guaranteed to turn us into fitness models in 6 weeks, it’s getting harder and harder for people to ... Read more >

Cheat Meals and the Food Bank

Written by: Lee on 24th Jan 2011
My way of coping with a strict food plan is having a cheat meal at the end of the week. This meal doesn’t follow any healthy rules and is generally whatever has taken my fancy during that week. The enjoyment of this meal is difficult ... Read more >

New Year Resolutions

Written by: Lee on 3rd Jan 2011
For this year, I aim to visit more parts of the Uk I've not yet seen and start attending music festivals and gigs. Nice and simple, hopefully adding a bit more variety and fun into the year. ... Read more >