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Merry Christmas

Written by: Lee on 24th Dec 2010
Heres wishing everyone in the iBodz community (and i suppose those outside as well) a happy, healthy Christmas. I hope everyone has a great time and gets all they want. Merry Christmas all ... Read more >

In Weight Training, what is Heavy

Written by: Lee on 16th Dec 2010
In a sport that seems to be obsessed with weight, I think it’s important to clarify just what heavy should mean to the individual. There are no set weight bands that say, this is light, medium and heavy, weight is relevant to the ... Read more >

Temperature low, motivation lower

Written by: Lee on 8th Dec 2010
For the first time in over a year I’m struggling for motivation and it is largely down to the weather. Every rep seems harder, it’s taking longer to warm up and the 6.45am walk to the gym isn’t getting any easier. If ... Read more >

Ask The Expert - Answered

Written by: Lee on 1st Dec 2010
Ask The Expert
I'd like to apologise to everyone for this section of the site being slightly neglected recently. I have spent the last few hours answering as many of the questions as I can and will endeavour to answer any and all outstanding ones ... Read more >

3 Essentials to Training Success

Written by: Lee on 24th Nov 2010
3 Essentials to Training Success
After a discussion with Mike after our last work out, we thought it would be a good idea to cover these 3 essentials as we ourselves could point out where each was falling short and how that would hamper any long term gains. It’s ... Read more >

The main reason why female trainers will not put on excess muscle from weight training

Written by: Lee on 10th Nov 2010
excess muscle from weight training
This reason is testosterone. It is vital in the construction of muscle and, simply put, female athletes lack the required amounts of the male hormone to significantly gain muscle mass.  Males have 10-12 times as much testosterone as ... Read more >

iBodz Photo Shoot

Written by: Lee on 3rd Nov 2010
iBodz Photo Shoot
I’m happy to say I was recently involved in the iBodz photo shoot for approximately 200 new exercises that will be making into our library shortly. It was a great couple of days once I was over my camera shyness, although, posing ... Read more >

The art of failure and why it should be embraced

Written by: Lee on 26th Oct 2010
The art of failure and why it should be embraced
One of the challenges I come across as a PT is changing the mindset of people with regards to the word FAILURE. We are told all our lives that failure is a negative thing and we should always aim to achieve something, avoiding failure at ... Read more >

Vibram 5 Fingers

Written by: Lee on 21st Oct 2010
Vibram 5 fingers
I recently purchased a pair of Vibram 5 fingers which, for those who have not seen them, are a pair of “shoes” with individual toes, made of a lightweight fabric that are designed to let you be as close to walking barefoot as ... Read more >

Treat every set as if it were your last

Written by: Lee on 10th Jul 2010
Treat every set as if it were your last
Applying the philosophy of making the most of every day to resistance training. Like most, I've held back on a set before in an attempt to conserve some energy for the sets to follow, doing so at a cost to my results. Every set you do ... Read more >