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Written by: Lee on 5th Jul 2010
Pre-exhaust training
As a change of pace, I have altered the order of my circuits to focus on pre exhausting a specific muscle group in each one. Pre-exhausting is done by performing an isolation movement for a body part followed by a compound movement for the ... Read more >

Circuit Training

Written by: Lee on 11th Jun 2010
circuit training
In a bid to further reduce body fat I've altered my training over the last couple of weeks to more of a circuit style. The idea being to constantly have the heart rate elevated and burning calories when I would usually be resting. The ... Read more >

Suspension training

Written by: Lee on 30th May 2010
TRX Suspension Training
Over the last few weeks I have added the TRX suspension trainer to my arsenal and have found it to be a very effective way of training all body parts for tone, strength, function and size. It’s also received very positive feedback ... Read more >