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You'll never achieve your goals...

Written by: Oliver on 3rd Jan 2013
fitness goals
...if you aim too high. To some of you that might sound a bit negative but I've seen it so many times, especially at this time of year. If you set yourselves unrealistic goals. 99% of the time one of two things will happen, either you will ... Read more >

Save money on gym membership

Written by: Oliver on 16th Apr 2012
gym membership
How many of you have joined a gym, possibly committed to a 12 month membership and failed to make an appearance after the initial enthusiasm has drifted away after 4 weeks? ... Read more >

Get bored at the gym?

Written by: Oliver on 17th Feb 2012
free audio book
Some people sing, some people chat, some just get stuck in... No matter what you feel about the gym, everybody has a preference for keeping their motivation up. Without a doubt the most common form of distraction at the gym is music, some ... Read more >

More than just a watch

Written by: Oliver on 17th Feb 2012
g shock watches
Feel like James Bond while training in the park If like me you are a fan of G Shocks then you will probably be pleased to hear of the launch of the latest range of G Shocks with Bluetooth technology. Basically meaning that your G shock ... Read more >

A crazy race

Written by: Oliver on 6th Feb 2012
empire state building race
Fed up with walking up and down the stairs either at home or work? - well imagine racing up 86 floors! Each year competitors climb 1,576 steps to reach the Observatory deck on the 86th floor of the Empire State Building in New York. This ... Read more >

Pedometer on steroids

Written by: Oliver on 27th Jan 2012
nike fuelband
The new Nike+ FuelBand is part pedometer, part performance monitor. Just like all other pedometers this new wrist band from Nike will track your running, dancing, football or any other activity you may be doing but this monitor then ... Read more >

January detox is pointless

Written by: Oliver on 9th Jan 2012
January detox
According to the British Liver Trust, going on a detox in January is not only pointless but can even be detrimental to your long term health. A month long breakwill you lead you into a false sense of security, people often think that if ... Read more >

Lose weight with the 'Bug'

Written by: Oliver on 12th Dec 2011
Tried every weight loss diet and fad to hit the glossies but not found one that actually works? Well here is an idea that could work for you. The 'Bug' is a clever little gadget that records every step you take, calories burned and more. ... Read more >

Help a little boy walk

Written by: Oliver on 12th Dec 2011
You could help a little boy walk and play with his friends. I know we are all bombarded with requests from charitys these days and especially at this time of year our pockets are already being emptied quicker than we'd like but if you ... Read more >

How fit are you, really?

Written by: Oliver on 9th Dec 2011
physical fitness test
We are very happy to announce the launch of the new physical fitness tests on the website today. We have been doing them in the office and it has well and truly unleashed the competetive side in all of us. ... Read more >