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We are new and improved and FREE

Written by: Oliver on 16th Sep 2011
new site
Well here it is - a few months of hard work and the new iBodz is ready for you... We have listened to your comments and feedback from the last few years and have attempted to cater to the masses with this new version.  A large ... Read more >

My belly wont go away

Written by: Oliver on 20th Jul 2011
My belly wont go away
This week a client asked me why his belly wasnt going down even though he is trim everywhere else. I get asked this question quite a bit by guys that are exercising a lot and have managed to lose fat from other areas but not their belly. ... Read more >

Metabolic conditioning

Written by: Oliver on 3rd Jul 2011
Metabolic conditioning
Like most of you, I also get bored of my training programmes after a while and so to shake it up this time around I'm trying something completely foreign to me, Metabolic Conditioning (aka metcon or met-con). ... Read more >

Free iPhone running app

Written by: Oliver on 24th Jun 2011
free iPhone app
Track your running the sensible way.  There are loads of iPhone apps available, many for free, but this one comes with many recommendations.  I have to be honest I've not tried it myself but i know many people who have and they ... Read more >

Getting fit for summer

Written by: Oliver on 7th Jun 2011
Getting fit for summer
Its around this time of year where lots of you start to think about your summer holidays which often leads to you asking the question ‘what do I need to do to look good on my summer holiday?’ Lots of people ask me how long it ... Read more >

Brighton Marathon

Written by: Oliver on 11th Apr 2011
Brighton Marathon
Well done to all those that ran, walked, skipped or hopped the Brighton Marathon. I went down to the finishing straight to cheer on some friends and actually felt quite emotional, the support for 'strangers' was truly amazing. An ... Read more >

Back to health after a little blip

Written by: Oliver on 4th Jan 2011
Well, if you read my last post about Metabolic conditioning, you may be wondering how i got on with this new technique? Not so well in fact, but that's my daughter's fault and not mine! ... Read more >

Well done Brightonians

Written by: Oliver on 5th May 2010
brighton marathon
Well done to all those Brightonians out there that took part in the first Brighton Marathon. It was a huge success for all that entered (of those that I spoke to anyway) as well as for the organisers, everything appeared to go well and it ... Read more >

Go girls

Written by: Oliver on 7th Jul 2009
race for life
At the weekend I had the pleasure of watching thousands of wonderful ladies, aged from 7 all the way up to 70, complete the 5km Race For Life at Stanmer Park in Brighton. For those of you unaware, the races, which were taking place all ... Read more >

How I love walking!

Written by: Oliver on 3rd Mar 2009
How I love walking!
There has been a delay in writing my third blog and i feel incredibly guilty! i have got a few good excuses though, holiday in South Africa, getting back in to shape after 3 weeks of eating nothing but copious amounts of seafood and ... Read more >