Dumbell flyes on fitball

Dumbell flyes on fitballDumbell flyes on fitballDumbell flyes on fitballDumbell flyes on fitball
Primary target:
Chest (Pectorals)
Secondary target:
Shoulders (Deltoids)
Equipment required:
How many reps should I do?
What weight should I use?


To perform the Dumbell flyes on fitball safely, please follow these steps:
  1. Begin by sitting on the ball with the dumbells resting on your thighs
  2. Slowly walk your feet forwards until your shoulders and head are resting comfortably on the ball
  3. Ensure that your bum is raised so there is a straight line through your body from knees to shoulders
  4. Begin with the dumbells in the air above your chest
  5. Slowly lower the dumbells to the side, ensuring you keep your arms straight (your arms should be very slightly bent, avoid locking at the elbows)
  6. Using control, return the dumbells to the very top, be careful not to lock your elbows
  7. Repeat steps 4 to 6 until you can no longer maintain correct technique