Leg curl with fitball

Leg curl with fitballLeg curl with fitball
Primary target:
Legs (Hamstrings)
Secondary target:
Stomach (Abdominals, Obliques), Back (Erector Spinae)
Equipment required:
How many reps should I do?
What weight should I use?


To perform the Leg curl with fitball safely, please follow these steps:
  1. Begin laying on the floor with your heels and calves resting on the ball
  2. With your hands laying flat on the floor beside you, lift your pelvis so there is a straight line from your shoulders to your feet
  3. Using your feet slowly bring the ball back towards your bum, your knees should be pointing into the air
  4. Now slowly return the ball back to the starting position so there is a straight line through your body again
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you can no longer maintain technique