3 Square or 6 Mini Meals?

Is it better to have 3 meals a day or 6 mini meals? Does it depend on the individual? I prefer to eat more at less frequent intervals but my mom likes to eat small amounts throughout the day.


That makes sense and I guess

That makes sense and I guess I should do it to maximize calorie burning. It's very much against my nature, however; I enjoy eating more when I eat less frequently.

6 mini meals is the best way

6 mini meals is the best way to keep your metabolism as high as possible, which means you will burn more calories from day to day activities. The best way I can describe it is like a coal or wood burning fire. If you chuck on a large amount in one go, you get a large flame for a short burst then you're left with a very small fire that could go out any minute. If you keep the fire fed with constant small amounts, it will burn at a more stable rate for longer periods, getting maximum efficiency. You're body works in a similar way. It does have an added draw back with the larger,fewer meal plan of storing fat when you feed it with these large meals knowing it will need that energy for the lull it will have in a few hours.