Advice on healthier eating

I am trying to eat healthily with things such as wholegrain cereals and breads, dairy which is either low fat or enriched with Omega 3, and lean meats like turkey and chicken. But the problem I have is that I don't really like fruits and vegetables. I have tried one or two from time to time but I just can't get into them. Can you give me any advice as to what I can do to either try and incorporate fruit and veg a bit more so that my body can get used to them or maybe help try and and accomodate other ways to keep my body healthy without very many.I do fully understand how important it is to have fruit and veg in your diet, but I've just never been able to like them. Any help would be appreciated.



For me wholegrain is a little

For me wholegrain is a little tricky, there are certain things I am still quite picky with. I have yet to find something I fully adore that is all wholegrain, it all just tastes too bland for me. :(


Personally I can't stand cooked veg (other than potatoes). I eat raw veg all the time as I think it actually has more taste than when cooked.

Fruit wise, I wasn't really eating that much so I bought a really cheap blender, some fruit (both fresh frozen and fresh) and started making smoothies. I used low sugar fruit juice or fat free yoghurt in with it and I LOVE EM now.

And a smoothie is good mid morning or afternoon when you start getting peckish. Just make it at home, buy one of those sports drinks bottles and take it to work.

You are correct niKKi. As

You are correct niKKi. As long ago as 2000 there was a study (probably more than one) which showed that more antioxidants are released in cooking carrots than in the raw form.

Haven't they recently

Haven't they recently discovered that carrots are better eaten cooked because more of the nutrients are released during the cooking process? I'm sure I read that somewhere.

To tell you the truth the

To tell you the truth the best form to eat fruits and veggies in is raw. I would just try to incorporate one new fruit and one new veggies a week until you get used to the taste. Lightly steamed is okay too it doesn't leech out all the vitamins.